rainbow bridge

rainbow bridge

We Love you Yogi!

We Love you Yogi!

Play happy my Love!

Play happy my Love!



Rest In Peace – Yogi Reid 5/2/2003 to 3/26/2016

March 26 at 12:10pm · Maplecrest ·

 Today is one of the saddest days of my life. I lost my baby today. We spent 11 glorious years together. We had one hell of a journey. Thank you Lurine Norwood for allowing me to adopt Yogi – he changed my life in ways I can’t even begin to explain. I will miss him tremendously! RIP my love!
this is where Yogi and his little mini-me friend Jax would hang out while I worked

this is where Yogi and his little mini-me friend Jax would hang out while I worked

Yogi and Lorraine

Yogi and Lorraine

Yogi skateboarding

Yogi skateboarding

Yogi won the costume contest

Yogi won the costume contest


Yogi 2 years

Yogi 2 years




Yogi as SuperDog



Yogi's birthday

Yogi’s birthday



Yogi was a therapy dog

Yogi was a therapy dog


Facebook Posts

March 26 at 12:56pm

Doreen Chilton  Doreen Chilton I am so sorry to hear this Lorraine, Yogi was such a great dog! Sending big hugs your way!

Bonnie Brown Bonnie Brown So sorry for your loss Lorraine I know how much you loved him and I always enjoyed seeing the pictures you posted of him. I hope you are hanging in.
Amy L. Kaplan Amy L. Kaplan Oh, Lorraine, I am so sorry. He was such a special boy. {{HUGS}}
Theresa Dunn Theresa Dunn I am so sorry Lorraine!
Amy Bremner Amy Bremner Oh yogi! We love you! Our hearts and hugs go out to you from all of us at the farm.
Jeff Carlson Jeff Carlson Lorraine I am so sorry to see this I always laugh when I think of the time Dennis was dogsitting him and there was a thunderstorm and I couldn’t find him until I opened the shower door and there he was he managed to open the door get in and close it behind him.
Oneida Casper Cintron Oneida Casper Cintron We are so sorry!! RIP Pal.
Jason Berger Jason Berger I’m a very sorry to hear this. Yogi was a great dog.
Kelly J Transue Kelly J Transue So so sorry! What a good boy that yogart!
Anthony Italiano Anthony Italiano So sorry for your loss.
Janice Costa Janice Costa I am so very sorry, Lorraine. Yogi was an amazing dog, the best of the best, and he was lucky enough to get the perfect Mom. He will be missed by so many of us. I’ll ask Jessie to keep an eye out for him (she’s probably already recruiting him to teach at the heaven chapter of dog camp!). Sending you love and prayers. heart emoticon
Bonnie Grosskopf Bonnie Grosskopf No. frown emoticon sorry
Dina Klavir Greco Dina Klavir Greco So sorry Lorraine.
Lurine Norwood Lurine Norwood I lost his brother last year. He was also a wonderful friend who I miss everyday. I can not thank you enough for giving him the best home anyone possibly could. You are an angel to me. I am so sorry, there are no words to ease your loss.
Lurine Norwood Lurine Norwood I just went through the pictures, thank you for sharing them.
Laurie Coger Laurie Coger Yogi was one in a zillion! I’m so very sorry for his loss.
Lee Ann Newton-Ryan Lee Ann Newton-Ryan SO sorry Lorraine & Richie frown emoticon
Kathy Klements Kathy Klements Very sorry to hear Lorraine…
Lorraine, I have the worst memory but I sure remember Yogi. Sweetest most chill dog ever. Sorry for your loss. He was blessed to have you.
Marie Bilardello Schluntz Marie Bilardello Schluntz Sorry for your loss. My prays are with you
Susan Proto Susan Proto I’m so sorry to hear about Yogi. It is so hard on us but we must accept that our dear pets are no longer in pain.
Antonetta D'Amelio Pawlak Antonetta D’Amelio Pawlak He was a wonderful doggie. Miss you already.
Lisa Jean Gambella Lisa Jean Gambella OMG Lorraine!!! I am SO sorry!!!! Sweet baby RIP. Call me when you are up to it. So, so sorry frown emoticon
Ellen Howard Ellen Howard So sorry , I know how much you loved him. He had the best life with you.
Karen Sawello Karen Sawello Lorraine, I am so sorry for your loss. Yogi was a very special boy and we were all lucky to have him as part of our camp family. Because of Yogi, Blue and dozens and dozens of other pups are now therapy dogs, bringing happiness and joy to so many people. What a beautiful legacy heart emoticon heart emoticon heart emoticon
Felix Mucerino Felix Mucerino You both are in my thoughts & prayers wishing for peace and comfort at this saddest time – I hope every time you think of Yogi you will smile and laugh.
Melissa Lam Melissa Lam I’m so sorry aunt Lorraine! My thoughts are with you
Jeannine Gomiela Jeannine Gomiela So sorry! He was such a sweet boy!!
Sandra Ellezam Sandra Ellezam So sorry to hear Lorraine!! Thoughts and prayers r with u during this very difficult time!!
Cindy McKinney Cindy McKinney So going to miss having him here at the house!! Wish I got to say a final goodbye! RIP Yogi!! You will be missed more than you know!! Lorraine, I love you and you know Im here for you!!
Nicole Capobianco Nicole Capobianco Awhhhhh I’m sooooo sorry for your loss. Yogi was a great dog.
Janice Morales Janice Morales I’m so sorry for your loss. May Yogi rest in peace.
Catherine Legg-Rubinger Catherine Legg-Rubinger Omg I am sooo sorry !!! He was the best and u gave him nothing but love !!!!!!
Cathy Jett Witowski Cathy Jett Witowski Yogi was a very special boy. So sorry for your loss.
Davina Geitner Davina Geitner So sorry Lorraine
Sherrie Cluley Sherrie Cluley · Friends with Amy L. Kaplan

so sorry frown emoticon
Le Naa Le Naa I am so sorry for you loss. He was so special to you.
Jennifer Nichols Giordano Jennifer Nichols Giordano Very sorry for your loss he was such a good boy
Nadia Thompson Nadia Thompson I’m so sorry for your loss. He was such a special boy. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.
Rachel Levin Rachel Levin Sorry for your loss.
Barbara Lynch Bates Barbara Lynch Bates We are so sorry that Yogi has passed. He really was a great patient puppy. He will always be loved.
Charles Nichols Charles Nichols Looking good, Yogster..smile emoticon
Nancy Lynch Nancy Lynch Oh so very sorry for you loss……losing a pet is one of the worst hurts in the world !
Tony Mazziotti Tony Mazziotti So sorry to hear that you lost your pet. From the pictures he looked like a great companion.
Brenda Phuong Ong Brenda Phuong Ong He is so gorgeous! I used to have a beagle as well. I share you loss.
Josh Wallach Josh Wallach Yogi will be missed! What a great dog and we know how special he was to you.
Laura Fiore Laura Fiore I’m so sorry for your loss… Yogi was a good boy and will be missed.
Kimberly Mulder Kimberly Mulder sorry for your loss frown emoticon
Brieanne Miller Brieanne Miller heart emoticon heart emoticon
Mary Anne Bates Mary Anne Bates So sorry Yogi was a great dog, you gave him a wonderful life. Ginger will miss him!
Megan Holton Megan Holton Oh no Lorraine I’m so sorry… He’ll always be with you though you had a great 11 years xoxo Hugs from the Holtons
Jennifer Matarazzo Berger Jennifer Matarazzo Berger Oh Lorraine I am so sorry. Yogi was a wonderful dog and a true companion. Thinking about you guys xo
Leigh Lusignan Leigh Lusignan Oh Lorraine Siena Reid my heart is breaking for you. I know how much you loved yogi. May he rest in peace. Such a wonderful bond that will never be broken. God bless, prayers are with you. Love you always heart emoticon
Gerardo Urrutia Gerardo Urrutia Sorry for your lost yogi was the best dog ever really like him ,he will be missed
LeeAnn McCormick LeeAnn McCormick Yes so sorry RIP
Kristine Schanstra Kristine Schanstra We will miss him terribly. He will always be in your heart. Xo
Charlie Schluntz Charlie Schluntz I am sorry for your loss. RIP YOGI
Deb Sherman Deb Sherman So sorry guys. My heart hurts with you. Yogi is a warm, loving soul. Will miss him heart emoticon
Elizabeth Smith Elizabeth Smith · Friends with Laurie Coger

Maggie M. Cairol Maggie M. Cairol So sorry for your loss . Thinking of you and sending love from the pugs
Pamela Easley Pamela Easley So sorry for your loss Lorraine
Barbara Emery-Stolzer Barbara Emery-Stolzer Lorraine my heart goes out to you
So sorry for your loss. Yogi was THE best skateboarder I know! It’s so unfair that our furry kids are only a small part of our lives. Riley and I are sending hugs …

I’m so sorry about Yogi! I know how special he was to you! You’re in my thoughts and prayers. Xo

Jill Rice Jill Rice Sooooo sorry Lorraine
Mary Scalise Mary Scalise · Friends with Theresa Dunn

Sooo sorry! Rip
Linda H Rohback Linda H Rohback Lorraine Siena Reid omg I am so sorry….Rosalie and I will keep you in our prayers Well now we have an awsome therapy dog to watch over us….Yogi my man RIP you will be missed
Dennis Kanyuk Dennis Kanyuk Everyone who ever met Yogi fell in love with him He may be gone but he will never be forgotten RIP YOGI
Nancy Hassel Nancy Hassel Awwwww! I am so sorry Lorraine. I loved Yogi, he was one dog that Max liked. He was such an awesome, sweet, super well behaved boy. Sending you
Karen Gaffney Jackson Karen Gaffney Jackson So sorry for your loss. I have been there more than once. Dogs do make your life better.
Kim Byrne Kim Byrne So sorry for your loss know how much you loved him
Sophia Welther Sophia Welther I’m so sorry aunt Lorraine for your loss

So sorry for ur loss
I am sorry for the loss of your Yogi, my condolences to you and all who loved him.
Kathryn Reid Kathryn Reid Lorraine. I am so so very sorry to hear this news. We all loved Yogi and her was such a wonderful dog. I hope you take comfort in what a wonderful life you gave him. RIP Yogi.
Catherine Beriloff Catherine Beriloff Oh Lorraine ….I am so very sorry 
Hughie and I are heart broken .
Sending our hugs Xoxoxoxo

Donna Corallo Hopper Donna Corallo Hopper Ohh I am so sorry really have no words but keeping u in my thoughts and prayers xo
Michele Ambrosio Michele Ambrosio Jac and I are crying right along with you… We’re so so sorry
Michele Ambrosio Michele Ambrosio So love his pictures
Shannon L Ruge Shannon L Ruge Awww so sad. I’m sorry for this great loss
Bandit and I send our deepest condolences on the loss of Yogi. It is always so sad when we lose our beloved fur babies. Take gentle care
Angela Single Angela Single · Friends with Nancy Hassel and 23 others

I’m so sorry. Mira wouldn’t have made it through TDI/CGC w/o Yog! *hugs*
So sorry to see this….looking through the pics…he was something special! Xoxoxox
Kathy Wright Walden Kathy Wright Walden So sorry Lorraine! They are family!
Kimberly Valdemira Kimberly Valdemira Oh Lorraine, I’m so sorry. I’m sure Yogi is teaching other pups how to skateboard on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge.
Sandy Chadbourne Sandy Chadbourne Very sorry to hear about Yogi! He brought you much joy, and for that we are thankful. Xo
Frank Bonomo Frank Bonomo Very sorry to hear this. RIP Yogi! Glad to have been able to spend time with the boy. My sincerest condolences Lorraine and Richie.
Carol Shaw Carol Shaw So sad for you. My heart goes out to you
Hugh Beriloff Hugh Beriloff I am so sorry for you loss. I know how much joy pets can bring to our lives. They become part of the family. When they leave, they leave a hole that cannot be filled. Please know that they will see us again at the rainbow bridge when the time comes for us to leave as well. you gave him a wonderful life here on earth and you will see him again. All my love to both of you and also Rich. – your friend Hugh.
Diane Baker Diane Baker Lorraine and Rich, I am so sorry. Was just talking about Yogi (to Tubby) when Rich stopped by. Oh the crazy way we fall in love with them. To be with them again is my hope.
Trudy Belkin Trudy Belkin sorry for your loss
A loving poem of the journey a pet and their guradian takes to Rainbow Bridge after this life Petloss grief…
William R Greenbaum William R Greenbaum We are so sorry to hear Yogi passed away he was good dog so sorry for your loss
Annette Cicciariello DeCario Annette Cicciariello DeCario I am so sorry for you and your husband. Yogi was a great dog and you gave him a wonderful life. Dana will miss him. He was one of her first doggie friends. RIP Yogi
Pauline Imbro-Allen Pauline Imbro-Allen I love your pictures of Yogi and I know you have so many wonderful memories. I’m so sorry your heart has been broken. Sending all my love.

Yogi sits at the Rainbow Bridge waiting for you=OOOOOO
Dina Piacenti Dina Piacenti My heart goes out to you RIP sweet Yogi
Donna Iacullo Donna Iacullo So so sorry Lorraine
Rosemary Curley Rosemary Curley So sorry for your loss.
Bob Dealy Bob Dealy Oh wow, so sorry! I’ll definitely miss Yogi at camp, he’s always a joy to see!
Gail Landeck Siena Gail Landeck Siena Lorraine. I am so sorry to hear this
Andrea Connell Andrea Connell So sorry Lorraine, what a great dog.
Veronica Curvy Burroughs Veronica Curvy Burroughs Treasure your fond memories with Yogi. Gone, but never forgotten.
Deborah Stacy Deborah Stacy So sorry for your great loss. 
My heart goes out to you.

Linda Carey Linda Carey So sorry for your loss it really is hard when a friend like that goes
Michael Kolansky Michael Kolansky · Friends with Le Naa

Sorry Lorraine…there are no words….

So sorry for your loss.
Michael Tsafas Michael Tsafas Sorry Lorraine.
Dorothy Mallon Strynkowski Dorothy Mallon Strynkowski I’m so sorry Lorraine.
Kerry Ahrend Kerry Ahrend Sorry for your loss…they do leave footprints on our hearts.
George Hebron George Hebron So sorry for you and Richie sad sad news he was a great loving dog
Beverly Lusso Beverly Lusso I’m so sorry Lorraine . Yogi was a great dog and you two were a great pair. everyone will miss Yogi!!

Never really sure if all the love you can give them is ever equal to the love they give so freely to you … Condolences and rest in peace , Yogi .
Alec Martin Alec Martin So sorry for your loss Lorraine.
Mary Jo Maher Mary Jo Maher · Friends with Dennis Kanyuk

I am so sorry I remember him when I came over with my dogs he was great and a sweet dog
Maggie Reid Maggie Reid I’m so sorry for your loss Christmas won’t be the same without him
Alexa Michel Alexa Michel So sad Lorraine our thoughts R with U during this difficult time. Yogi & U were a great team. I’m sure he is skateboarding in heaven 2. A&G
Candice Terrell Candice Terrell Oh Lorraine I am so very sorry for your loss. I know how much you loved & adored Yogi he was such a great dog I know my pups loved play dates w yogi! If you need anything please don’t hesitate to call.
Lisa Luiz Bonowicz Lisa Luiz Bonowicz I am so so sorry for your loss Lorraine. I know what a huge part of your life he was. Love you!! heart emoticon

What a great life he had.
Angela Lisowski Angela Lisowski So sorry for your loss, all pets become a great part of our lives, and never forget the good times and all the fun you had with yogi.
Les Pokrass Les Pokrass So sorry to hear of Yogi’s passing. R.I.P. Yogi

Laura Viscio  Laura Viscio So sorry Lorraine.

Tammy Wescott Lapier Tammy Wescott Lapier sorry Lorraine he will be missed RIP Yogi

Kim Johnson
 Kim Johnson So sorry for your loss, it’s going to be a tough time for you. K
Carla Berzon Carla Berzon sorry to hear about Yogi
Connie Stratiotis Greenbaum Connie Stratiotis Greenbaum So so sorry what???? Too young what happens to the gorgeous yogi
Cathleen Hall Cathleen Hall Lorraine I’m so sorry to hear about your loss! I know it’s heartbreaking! Remember all the great years!
Cecil John Cecil John So Sorry, They give us so much love and ask for nothing in return.
Private PostsMarch 28, 2016Derrick Wescott – I’m so sorry for your loss Lorain, I know what it’s like and it’s extremely tough..He was a GREAT member of your family and he will deeply be missed…


 Stefania Goel – I am so sorry Lorraine. At least he is not in pain anymore and suffering.


 Brian Isaac – Sorry for your loss


Sun 11:47amJc Moore – DogDogma_Word.docHeyLorraine – Something my Dad wrote a while ago. My condolences…



Sharon Hohmann  – Aww I’m so so sorry.He was such a good boy. You did everything there was to keep him going, i know in my heart he’s not in any discomfort now. He has crossed over the rainbow bridge and will be waiting for you some day to once again be your faithful friend. Please keep in touch! Xoxo


 Anna Mandracchia – i,ms sorry he was a grate guy i know he brought a grate amount of joy to you and Richie i, very sorry maybe he be were all good dogs go love you anna



Lisa Gibbons – So sorry to hear about Yogi he will always be with…


Jackie Geis – I just saw your post about Yogi – I am SOOOO Sorry… I know how much you guys loved him and what an amazing dog he was.  He was lucky to have you guys to rescue him and give him such a good long, life.


 Bonnie Brown – Hi Lorraine – I hope you are ok – I know how hard it is to grieve a dog that you loved so much. Yogi always looked like a very special dog to me, happy and fun loving and I’m sure you trained him well too. I noticed a picture in the Pet Professionals newsletter that reminded me of Yogi – two dogs at the Islip Animal Shelter that are looking to be adopted. It probably is much too early for you to even consider it but I thought of you and Yogi when I saw the picture. Again, hope you are OK and my heart goes out to you Lorraine. Hugs, Bonnie


Canine Camp Getaway Alumni


March 26 at 1:00pm

Dawn Strawn    I am so sorry for your loss, there are no words.

March 26 at 2:15pm

Jessica Stier I’m so sorry

March 26 at 2:36pm

Melanie MellyMel Neureuther So sorry for your loss Lorraine Siena Reid

March 26 at 3:13pm

Marilyn Fierro So sorry to read this. All of us who have loved and lost our dogs know what you are feeling – it is heart wrenching. Yogi touched many of our lives and will always be remembered. Prayers for you both.

March 26 at 4:41pm
Denise Oldenhoff I am so sorry for your loss, sending prayers

March 26 at 4:55pm

Amy L. Kaplan He was such a wonderful ‘big beagle’. I know he wasn’t a big beagle, but he was special and I liked to call him that. So, so sorry.

March 26 at 4:56pm

Janice Costa Yogi was the best! I have so many wonderful memories of him, hanging out at Lake Lorraine with the whole crew, post camp, helping the camper dogs in therapy classes, showing us all how to skateboard, making those great Yogi noises, always by your side. I remember his first therapy dog visit, and how nervous you were, even though he was terrific. I remember him in training classes. Most of all, I remember how much he adored you. You were his world, and you could tell he knew he was the luckiest dog alive to have found you. Our hearts go out to you — we know how painful and sad and awful it is to lose them, and hope that you will find comfort in knowing what a great life you gave him. These dogs are perfect in every way but one — they never live long enough. heart emoticon

March 26 at 6:24pm

Barbara Deal Sorry to hear. Sending prayers.

March 26 at 7:11pm

Paula Watters So sorry for your loss.

March 26 at 7:23pm

Kathy Delakas Yogi was the best therapy dog and taught Cookie. Rest in peace. Sorry for ur loss Loraine.

March 26 at 7:26pm

Susan Scelzi So sorry camp will not be the same.

March 26 at 11:53pm

Lynn Kiaer Oh, Lorraine, I am so sorry. Hugs!

Nella DanielsNella Daniels Hi Loraine, I just saw this, I’m so sorry. Yogi was a sweetie. Foxy will miss him