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Training a dog is not just about the dog. In our approach to good canine behavior we not only teach the dog what is acceptable and not acceptable behavior but we also teach you how your dog perceives what you want. We will show you how to modify your behavior to get the results you desire. There are many things that affect your dog’s perception such as your body posture, timing, the tone of your voice, and your attitude – just to name a few. We use lots of affection and praise in our techniques. We believe in speaking softly.

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Below is a list of some of the services we offer:


Puppy 101 – You just brought home your new 4-legged addition to the family. You ask yourself, “Now what?”  This class is designed for the puppy 7 to 16 weeks old. We will meet with you in your home at a time most convenient for you. Various topics will be discussed, such as crate training, housebreaking, house manners, how to begin obedience training, and how to effectively communicate with your new pup. You will learn what to expect in the months that follow and how the impressions you make today will affect the rest of your pup’s life. This course takes about 2 hours.  You will receive a booklet outlining all the topics we discussed.  Cost $80.

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One on One Puppy Class –  This class is designed for the puppy 7 to 16 weeks old and your children (although it could be for adults also). We meet in your home and explain how to effectively communicate with your new pup through games and teaching tricks.  All training at this stage is done with positive reinforcement – whether it be with food rewards or toys and lots of verbal and physical praise.  We will demonstrate how to teach commands such as sit, down, leave it (mouthing), off (jumping and scratching), and walking on a loose leash.  We will then let your child work with your pup to insure their success.  This course usually lasts about an hour (as puppies tend to tire easily).  Cost $65.



One on One Puppy Class

One on One Puppy Class Continued



One on One Basic Obedience – This is a four to six week program designed to enhance the bond between you and your dog. One of our trainers will meet with you and your dog once a week for about an hour to teach the basic commands: come, heel (walk by my side without pulling), sit, down, place (boundary and perimeter training), off (not to jump on anything – includes but not limited to people and counter surfing), and leave it (anything to do with the mouth). Your dog will also learn these behaviors with distractions. We will show you how to implement these basic behaviors into your everyday situations. We not only show you how to achieve your desired results but we make sure you understand why the methods are successful.  You will be required to work with your dog every day for approximately 20 minutes. The more you work with your dog, the faster you will see the results. We have 2 basic methods we train with and one of them will also guarantee off-leash control. We do not use food as a motivator or bribe; we do, however, use lots of praise and affection. We will evaluate your dog and discuss what we feel will be the best method of training for your dog. Your dog must be at least 4 months old to begin this phase of training. In this training you have the choice of “us coming to you” or “you coming to us”. Call for a free consultation and we will show you our tools and explain the pros and cons of our methods of choice. There is no obligation on your part – we do not believe in “hard” sales tactics.  We want to work with you when you are ready. The only thing you have to lose is your dog’s bad behavior!

Some Communities we serve:

Dog Training in Nassau County New York 516-483-0579
We provide dog training in all of Nassau County, including but not limited to Baldwin, Freeport, Hempstead (including North Hempstead, South Hempstead, and West Hempstead), Franklin Square, Levittown, Lynbrook, Massapequa, Merrick, Oceanside, Rockville Centre, Valley Stream, Wantagh, 5 Towns.

Dog Training in the Catskill Region of Upstate New York 518-734-5435 (weekends only)

We provide dog training in most of Greene County, including but not limited to Hunter, Windham, Maplecrest, Hensonville, Tannersville, Haines Falls, Elka Park, Jewett, Acra, Purling, and Phoenicia (in Ulster County).